Jul 18

Wilson, Sanchez staying put?

Pittsburgh Pirates

The Pirates have decided to offer contract extensions to Jack Wilson and Freddie Sanchez.

This blog gives you three reasons why the Pirates might do this.

1. The front office finally gets it. The Pirates are tied for the MLB lead in double plays turned. Building a solid defensive team, you have to be strong up the middle. Jack and Freddie are both very good with the gloves.

2. The Pirates offered these guys up to trades and were offered very little in return, or not what they expected. Both guys have more value here than with someone else.

3. The Pirates have realized that they need these two, to save face with the public. By trading them off, is a sign that they have flipped the bird to the fans, and are moving on with their plans of removing all salaries they can.

Actually its probably a combination of all three, with #3 being mush less of a factor than the others.

“I’m very excited to possibly continue my career in Pittsburgh, to finish what I’ve started, and Freddy is going to be a vital piece of any decision I make,” Wilson said last night after the team’s post-break workout at PNC Park. “Without Freddy, I think, it would be tough to win without a player like that.”

“I want to finish my career turning double plays with Jack in a Pirates uniform,” Sanchez said. “If it works out, it would be unbelievable. This is what we’ve been talking about for a long time.”

So we have probably ten days to get these guys signed, sealed and delivered. If they don’t reach deals, look for them to be moving on at the deadline.

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