Dec 18

Have You Disengaged The External Inertial Dampener?


And off they go, warping to their destination. The title comes from a line in the most recent Star Trek, movie by Spock when Sulu attempted to go to warp.

Doesn’t it seem that this phenomenon describes how the Dallas Cowboys offense start their games? They just can’t get enough going to score early against a defense. They either start a drive good, then it stalls to a point it needs to punt or attempt a field goal.

If they are to succeed against the better teams that are going to the playoffs, the Cowboys will need to do more. They need to quit engaging the external inertial dampeners that stops the drive. These are more commonly known as penalties, turnovers, and missed opportunities.

When they do move the ball down the field and get into scoring range, the external inertial dampeners are applied again. This Cowboys offense can get the yards they need to move the ball, but what good does it do if you don’t score? They can be the number one offense in the league for all I care, but that isn’t helping in the most important stat: touchdowns.

IF the Cowboys have a chance against the New Orleans Saints, they will need to score early and often. The defense on the other hand need to force the Saints to engage their external inertial dampeners. To play against a team with an undefeated season, you will have to play almost perfect in all phases. Any mistakes could be costly.

Drew Brees has an arsenal of weapons to use and he knows how to use them. Greg Williams, the defensive coordinator, has brought a more aggressive defense for the Saints. If the Cowboys have any creativity in them, this is a time to bring it!! If that is possible, it has yet to be seen.

By Dave Trollope
SJ Advisor/Contributing Author, blogger


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