Jan 26

Day 2 Senior Bowl Coverage

Senior Bowl Practice Football

Day 2 of Senior Bowl…here we go.

First of the day, North practice. Started focus on the quarterbacks. Most impressive in my mind was Dan LeFevour. He has a good arm and is smooth in his drop backs. He has a live arm and was making great throws.

Terrell Skinner is starting to shine a bit as a solid safety. He made a good break in the 1-on-1 drills.

Taylor Price had another good day. He makes the catches with his hands and gets good seperation.

Chris Cook has a good mix of size and speed, but he’s a man without a position at the moment. Not sure if he’s a corner or free safety, but he looked solid in coverage today.

Kyle Wilson had another good day and may have placed himself in the 1st round as the second corner taken behind just Joe Haden. He’s making great reads in coverage and closes in quickly.

Alex Carrington was running on a high level today during the 1-on-1 drills, good array of pass rush moves.

Vlad Ducasse is working on it. He’s got to work better in space, but if he gets his hand on the defender, it’s game over.

Austen Lane has a good burst off the ball. Solid push on the tackle and works hard all the way through.

Cam Thomas fell back a bit today. He pushes the pocket well, but he needs to stick with the play. Tends to stop a little too soon.

Mike Iupati is the best guard in the draft, but him working at left tackle was hard to watch. Not very good in his movements while in space, but maybe it was just the problem for his first time trying it.

Brandon Graham had another solid showing. Mixing it up with a good bull rush as well as running the arc. Even made a good spin move. He’s got a great burst and uses his hands very well.

Syd’Quan Thompson is a VERY physical corner. His press is nice and he breaks on the ball aggressively.

Daryl Washington and Sean Weatherspoon are both very impressive. They shed blockers and they have both looked good at all aspects.

D’Anthony Smith and Tyson Alualu both had very solid days as well.

Mardy Gilyard made great strides in today’s practice. He beat press, got seperation and made the catches. He’s been doing better in team drills than in the 1-on-1′s, but he is definitely getting there. He has great speed.

On to the South practice.

A lot of focus was on Tim Tebow. Tebow definitely improved today, but I still have a hard time looking past his mechanics. He has a good arm, but his accuracy, footwork and slow delivery leave a lot to be desired. He’s got a lot of work to do still.

Terrence Cody is huge. Plain and simple. He’s going to eat up blockers, and maybe some off the field too. I worry about him being in shape…and even though he collapses the pocket, I got to wonder how long he can do it throughout a game.

Riley Cooper is having a case of the drops. He is physical and works to get seperation, but his hands have been inconsistent.

Jarrett Brown is becoming a solid prospect to watch. He’s got a good arm and does a lot right. He doesn’t have a lot of experience, but the potential there is huge.

Jeff Byers, John Jerry and Ciron Black are three guys I was impressed with on the offensive line. After reports of Byers handling Cody yesterday, and watching him beat Jeff Owens two times today…he’s working himself into a solid position in the draft. John Jerry had a good battle with Dan Williams today and held his own. Ciron took on Brandon Lang and did a good job in space.

Jimmy Graham is a very impressive prospect. Raw tight end, but with his height and size to go with his athleticism, he’s got to be worth a look in the mid rounds.

On the defensive line, Geno Atkins did a solid job today. He’s quick off the snap and good with his hands.

Defensive backs, Javier Arenas and Patrick Robertson did great today. I like Robinson’s ability to jam the receiver. Arenas is tough. He works hard and goes after the ball.

The player I enjoyed watching the most in the South practice was Dexter McCluster. The kid was everywhere doing everything. He is FAST. He beat Arenas deep on a double move, then came back with a quick slant in which he left the defensive back in his dust.

This is my report for today. More coming tomorrow.


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