Mar 01

NFL Draft: Do Quarterbacks Bust More Than Other Positions?

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“Quarterbacks usually bust.”

“Quarterbacks are too risky, let’s take the sure thing.”

“Going with a quarterback isn’t the safe pick.”

These are comments frivolously thrown around the NFL Draft community. Spend enough time on an NFL Draft forum, and you’re bound to run into posts containing those words in between reading about how great/awful Tim Tebow is.

It’s only natural. Everyone remembers David Carr’s deer-in-the-headlights look every time he played under center.

Everyone remembers JaMarcus Russell’s hidden Skittles pouch and “do you tink so” interview.

Everyone remembers Joey Harrington’s obsession with caviar and pianos.

Everyone remembers Alex Smith’s fumble-itis and microscopic hands.

Everyone remembers Tim Couch’s barrage of injuries.

Everyone remembers Ryan Leaf’s tirade against a poor sportswriter. So, It’s understandable that no fan wants to see their draft pick become the next guy on that list.

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