Jul 18

Going To The Heat, LeBron James Should Be Considered The Next Magic


It always seems crazy to me that LeBron James, a 6’8? 260-pound small forward, would be compared to the likes of Michael Jordan, who is a 6’6? 220-pound shooting guard.

If anything, my opinion would be that Dwyane Wade is closer than anyone to being the next Michael Jordan. Now you may think I would be crazy that Wade would be considered closer to LeBron because of Kobe Bryant and everything, but its’ true.


Wade puts up big numbers every year. He has the statistical guy and year-in and year-out, it’s always the Miami Heat that is on his back, and he carries them. He’s always “the guy.” He’s a fierce dunker and shows great athleticism.

He would do anything for his team. And Michael Jordan is just like that. And like Jordan, Wade has his own Pippen in LeBron James. And he has his own Bill Cartwright, or possibly a better version, in Chris Bosh.

When you think of it, LeBron can’t be compared to Jordan. LeBron is a small forward and a bigger than Jordan. They just can’t be compared. The closest guy he can be compared to will be Magic Johnson.

Before, with the Cleveland Cavaliers, he was considered that Michael Jordan guy for them. But now, LBJ will play a new role as he enters Miami to play for the Heat, otherwise known as the South Beach Superteam. LeBron will be the Magic.

Magic wall tall and big for his position. James will pretty much play the point forward role, a point guard and small forward combined. James will be the man racking up about 20 points per game, with ten assists, and ten rebounds. He could be the first man of his generation to average a triple-double.