Sep 20

Milla’s Bucs Report: Week 2 Review

Two weeks into the season, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are 2-0. No, that is not a misprint, the Buccaneers have really won their first two games of the year. Tampa Bay went on the road to defeat the team that has had their number over the years, the Carolina Panthers. The Bears and Packers are the only other teams in the NFC to start 2-0, though the Saints can join them with a win over the 49ers on Monday night.

The Good

-Run defense. DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart have run over the Bucs with ease as of late. The two have combined to run for 299, 267, and 157 yards in their last three games against Tampa Bay. Today, the duo only combined for 97 yards.

-Josh Freeman. In the first half, Freeman made plays with his feet and arm and was masterful on 3rd downs. Once the Bucs gained the lead, Freeman did a good job playing smart and let his defense win the game and didn’t make any critical mistakes after playing the worst game of his career in Carolina last season.

-Quarterback pressure. The Bucs sacked Matt Moore four times which included a fumble. Moore was never able to get into a rhythm all day and with the Bucs stopping the run, Carolina couldn’t get any offense going. Tim Crowder led the way with his two sacks and forced fumble.

-Kellen Winslow. After not practicing during the week and being listed as questionable for the game, Winslow made a huge impact catching 4 balls for 83 yards. He made a huge catch on 3rd and 17 in the 2nd quarter to set up a Mike Williams touchdown that put the Bucs ahead and they didn’t look back.

The Bad

-Running game. Cadillac Williams picked up only 52 yards on 27 carries in the game. Coming off a 22 carry/75 yard game. He’s totaled for an incredibly unimpressive 2.5 yards per carry average. Kareem Huggins was unable to get his first touches as he was inactive with a groin injury.

-Blitzing. The Panthers only touchdown of the game was a 37 yard catch by Steve Smith on a 4th and four where the Bucs blitzed but failed to get any pressure on Matt Moore and left Aqib Talib in a bad spot. The Bucs struggle to get pressure with extra blitzers, but they seemed to do a good job with their front four.

Really not a whole lot of bad in the game. The Bucs were impressive overall in the win, and now they look forward to Week 3. Where they look for an improbable 3-0 start against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

By Milla4Prez66: Jabberhead & SJ Contributing Author,

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