Oct 10

One On One With Mixed Martial Artist, Tyson Chartier


Tyson Chartier is an amateur mixed martial artist. First bursting onto the local New England MMA scene by winning his first 7 bouts. Now standing with an amateur record of 7-1, Chartier is looking towards making the leap from a local amateur fighter to becoming a professional mixed martial artist. He agreed to take some time to answer some questions regarding his fighting background, training, career, and his life as an MMA fighter.

Q: When was it that you first became interested in combat sports, and when was it that you realized that you wanted to be a mixed martial artist?

A: As a freshman entering HS in 1995 my older brother Tommy Chartier was a Jr and he decided to join the newly established wrestling team.. So I followed in his footsteps. Than after grad school in 2006 I decided to start doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at North Shore BJJ in Salem, MA. While helping a teammate spar for his first fight I just fell in love with it and decided I wanted to fight too at some point.

Q: When did you first begin training in martial arts, and what aspects of martial arts do you train in?

A: HS wrestling was how I started out.. then Brazilian Jiu Jitsu after college. I now train my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at both Boston BJJ in Newton, MA under Chris Owen and Roberto Maia.. and North Shore BJJ under Danny Morera.. I train Muay Thai and Boxing at Sityodtong Somerville and Beverly.. My head trainers / striking coaches are “Big” John Johnsston and Neil Legallo

Q: Judging by the popularity of promotions such as UFC, Bellator and Strikeforce. It would seem as though United States fans prefer cage fighting to a ring fight. As a fighter, do you have a preference as to whether or not you fight inside of a cage or in a ring?

A: I have had 8 fights now.. and 5 have been in a cage and 3 in a ring. This is a very hot topic in MMA. Its sort of a catch 22 because the cage is definitely better to keep the flow of the fight going.. you never have to have any stoppages to move fighters back to the middle etc etc.. However as a fan it is much easier to see a fight in person if it is in a ring..

From a fighters standpoint I believe that preference all depends on your style of fighting. Ground fighters tend to like the cage.. and strikers tend to like the ring. My last fight for tuff n uff in Vegas was in a ring and it definitely played a role in the fight. I am not saying I would have won if it was a cage.. but had it been in a cage i would have had a better chance of finishing the fight in the first round when I had a deep guillotine in against the ropes.

Q: Do you yourself follow MMA, and if so, who are some of the fighters that you maybe look up to, or enjoy watching?

A: I have always been a big fan of Tito Ortiz.. in his prime he had some of the best ground and pound in the game and was very charismatic. And when seeing him coach on the ultimate fighter you could see he really cared for his fighters. I also like Grey Maynard and Tyson Griffen.. both have great wrestling but have become dangerous strikers..

Q: Do you have any advice for some of the younger guys who are maybe interested in pursuing a career in MMA, or just combat sports in general?

A: I think the biggest thing is to find a good SAFE school that has good instructors. I see far too often young kids going to whatever school is close to them and getting poor instruction and than taking fights far too early. From my viewpoint I feel its important to not be one dimensional.. So pick a school that has a good wrestling and or Jiu Jitsu program and also a solid striking program as well. And I would recommend getting to at least a blue belt level Jiu Jitsu before taking fights.

Q: Stepping into a fight, is there any particular aspect of your game that makes you kind of say to yourself, “okay, well I have an advantage here”… What aspect of your game are you most confident in?

A: Well I am wrestler and Jiu Jitsu fighter.. I am 7-1 with 6 of my wins by submission.. I am definitely a ground fighter and whenever I enter the cage I feel I should have the advantage on the ground and also feel that I can dictate where the fight goes. If i want to keep it on my feet I can.. but if i want to take him down I feel I should be able to.

Q: You’ve fought with AFO, as well as most recently with Tuff-N-Uff. Any idea when you’ll be back fighting, and under what banner that may be? What does the future hold for Tyson Chartier?

A: Well i have been quoted before as saying that i am not focused on the destination of my MMA career.. I am just doing my best to enjoy the journey. I feel I have proven all that I can at the amateur level and am ready to turn pro. Currently me and my managers / trainers are working with some local promotions and some out of the north east to schedule a pro debut. We are hoping for late November / early December to make this happen. __________________


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