Dec 08

Andre Miller Blasts Blake Griffin: Here’s The Problem, Tough Guy

Okay so here we go. I’m on a huge rant tonight about Andre Miller. Not about how consistent a point guard he has been in the league or how he manages games. Not about his timely jumpers he can hit or the pin point passes he can make. Well, if I was him, I’d wish that’s what this rant was about.

No, on the other hand I am so confused to why a veteran like himself would disrespect and degrade a young player in his first full season in Blake Griffin. Griffin will most likely dominate in a lot more stat categories than Miller and lead a team to the finals some day. Yet, a seasoned vet at best, playing point guard in Portland, Miller tries to be a tough guy. Let’s be honest, this is Miller’s last stop before Rigamortis sets into his body. Yeah, no joke. And you want to jeopardize your career and games played streak over a stupid act like this? Well granted Griffin can probably make you feel inferior by tea-bagging your ass, but lets get serious shall we, Andre.

The suspension is well deserved and hopefully a fine. If you were in the NFL, you’d be fined a boat ton of money and hopefully be suspended. So enjoy your one game suspension that has made your oh so precious streak of games played non-existent. Trust me, It’s the least they could do.


By Brian Gray – KissTheRim, Jabberhead, Blogger, SJ Contributing Author


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