Dec 20

A Message to All Rams Fans: Chill Out!

Lately, many St. Louis Rams fans (including my self) have been freaking out about the team after a two-game losing streak. Rookie quarterback Sam Bradford hasn’t played very well lately, and the defense has given 58 points in the past two games. But the thing that we’re all forgetting is: We’re the Rams!

We won one game last year, and even if we DON’T make the playoffs, we’ve had a very successful season. No matter what you want to say about Bradford, he has been one of three quarterbacks to ever throw for 3,000 yards in their rookie year. In fact, he is joined by Matt Ryan and Peyton Manning in this prestigious group, so the future looks bright.

Let’s also remember the receivers he’s throwing to. Besides breakout slot receiver Danny Amendola, the core has been mediocre at best. Brandon Gibson has improved as of late, but has had many dropped balls over the course of the year and is not the #1 receiver you want a rookie quarterback to throw to. And the other receiver, Laurent Robinson, has been sub-par throughout the entire season. The ankle held him back early in the year, but has yet to show any sign of success. Danario Alexander has had a few big plays, but has not been a consistent down the field threat. Taking our receiving core into consideration, Bradford has done a phenomenal job.

The defense, who was 31st in the league last year, has improved to 15th and has held opponents to 18 points or under on eight different occasions. This was the same defense that gave up 21 points or more points 12 times last year. Steve Spagnoulo has drastically improved this defensive in only one year, think what will happen next year.

In fact, NEXT year is what we should be excited about. 11 of today’s 22 starters are 25 years old or younger, making the future seem very bright.

So to all the Rams fans out there, we’re going to be alright. Don’t get me wrong, I want to make the playoffs too, but just thinking about the future makes me smile. Before you want to complain and mope about this year’s team, just think about last year. And then think of the future.

By Golden_State_of_Mind – Jabberhead, SJ Contibuting Author