Jan 18

Losing a Friend and Brother


As I sit here and try to process the news that Friend, Brother and JETS fan Scott Wedell (NYSR) lost his brave fight against Cancer I wonder why he didn’t get to live a long and fruitful life.

Everyone here that talked to Scott and read his posts, were amazed at his knowledge. For someone so young he had a great grasp of both the NFL and College Football scene. He always backed up his thoughts with facts and figures. Sure he was a “Homer”, but most fans are to some degree. He would argue a point, and admit if he was wrong. He wouldn’t let people attack him personally, or any other member for that matter. He made friends with the “adults” on the board, and gave us such strength, whenever we were down.

His thread about his fight with cancer was one of the most viewed and commented on the site. Members always had kind words for him, and prayed for his health. We gained strength from his courage in the face of his terrible disease. He would get tired but never would show fear. He taught us about his disease, and in a way about ourselves. Every member he touched in some small way is today a better person.

It always amazes me how we interact and touch each others lives even when we have never met face to face. There are people on here that I know I will probably never meet face to face(or the chances are slim) but i love them like a brother or sister or son or daughter. Scott and I always argued about Jets/Giants, and the rivalry between the teams that share a stadium. We always respected each others points of view, even when we disagreed. I loved reading his articles and posts. They made me a smarter fan, and his friendship made me a better person.

R.I.P. Scott, You are already missed, but won’t soon be forgotten. As we say in the Navy, May your journey be filled with Fair Winds and Following Seas.

Your friend and Brother FOREVER



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