Jan 22

A Pac 10 Farewell: Bowl Crunching


Auburn and Oregon brought the 2010 college football season to a close, and with it came a statistical end to the Pacific 10 conference.  The Ducks were denied an opportunity to provide a  championship bookend for a league that saw Southern California capture the crown for the inaugural year of 1978.  But with one final game played, we receive one last digit, allowing us to close the book on a thirty-two year union of western programs.

As a ten member league increases by two, we prepare for a new beginning. The Pacific 12 will replace that conference of old, leaving memories of what was, and numerical figures to detail the events.

It’s no mystery that the Trojans were the most dominant program of the target period, but when you crunch the bowl figures, the overall picture of performance is made clear.  These numbers reflect bowl games played from the inaugural ’78 season (December ’78-January ’79) to the conference’s final bowl game in January 2011.  Also, victories vacated by the NCAA are inclusive, adding to the totals for USC, Florida State, and Alabama.


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