Mar 26

The 10 Most Dangerous Mistakes Fantasy Leaguers Make

Think back to last year’s draft day. If you were like most fantasy leaguers, you came out of your draft with a pretty decent team. You were probably satisfied that you had assembled a good group of players. You looked forward to managing your team to a championship.

If you won your league last year, congratulations! However, odds are you were among the other 90% who came up short. What happened? Did you make some bad decisions? Did you get hit with bad luck? Most of us can probably pinpoint a few wrong turns that we made. However, you can also identify some twists of fate that played a part in your team’s finish.

Good decisions, bad decisions, good luck, bad luck… they all shape our success in this game. The best fantasy players make more good decisions and position themselves to take advantage of luck better than the other owners in their league. The truth is, we have much more control over our fantasy destiny than most people realize. While some of our decisions may turn out badly, there are many unlucky events that are not bad luck at all. They are bad decisions.


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