Apr 21

SJ Magazine April Edition: Sports, Boogey Men, & Goodbyes…For Now

This a bittersweet edition. Following this edition, SJ Magazine will be put on indefinite hold. This is due to a combination of factors including our need to focus resources on several mission-enhancing projects and our MIGHTY Team Leader/Editor/GFX Administrator needing to move on to far more personally-important “real world” opportunities. HOWEVER…We’re evaluating a new home platform that could comprise a modified mini-version of SJ Magazine. So stay tuned!

Now…Get ready to be WOW’d by this April Edition. If this form of SJ Magazine has to go out, it’s going out not with a whimper, but with a BANG!

The interviews alone will set this edition on fire! SJ Magazine’s Tim Lumber talks heart-to-heart & knockout-to-knockout with semi-pro football star LB, Leroy Pinckney, Jr. Tim also “goes west” for an intriguing & unique interview with former college baseball/basketball player & now Hollywood movie director/producer, Matthew Pellowski. Meanwhile Reg & Ray DeVone “swing across the big pond to Italy” for a fun & basketball-informative “post-up” with L.A. Lakers International Scouting Director & author, Adam Filippi, so we all can learn to “Shoot Like The Pros“.

And we have spectacular & insightful previews…SJ MLB Forum Mod/contributing writer, Cathy gives you a peek into the 2011 Boston Red Sox, SJ NHL Forum Mod/SJ Magazine writer, “Dust” previews the NHL playoffs, SJ Magazine writer Stealersrule offers up his take on “Top 10 Quarterbacks Going into the 2011 Season” and SJ Magazine writer Golden Stomind (GSOM) along with The Reg-inator preview the NBA playoffs.

PLUS…(This is all SO engaging)…SJ writer/blogger Larry “Bud” Litle shows you the “what fors” & “how’s” of this Fantasy Baseball Season, SJ Admin/MMA Leader Mike offers up his “MMA Pound 4 Pound Rankings”, Golden Stomind looks back at the wacky March Madness, and SJ Magazine writer Jon “Reveryroadie” Tessler asks “Is Parity What Nascar “Really” Wants?“. Of course, it wouldn’t be April without the NFL Draft and we have the latest SJ Official Mock, major-prized contests & other events/activities from the SJ Mock Draft Team…

And more…MUCH, MUCH more!

Simply click HERE to access this “souvenier” edition. SJ Magazine is very simple to navigate. Just hover your cursor over any page and hover-click right for the next page or hover-click left for the previous page…or use the arrows at the page bottoms…or use the “tile” icon at the bottom to display all of the pages in mini-version so you can select the one you want to read next. Even New Orleans Hornets fans can do that!

As always, MAJOR props to Editor-in-Chief, bbyao06 (Meg) and the SJ Magazine staff for putting together & publishing this climactic edition.

SPECIAL NOTE: The Magazine Staff, SJ Ownership, Leadership Team, Staff & members heartily thank Meg for her dedicated & skillful leadership of & service to SJ Magazine. We selfishly sadly but also VERY proudly wish her much success in all of her current & prospective endeavors.

A Sports Jabber Production


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