May 30

SJ Vets Reflect (On Memorial Day)

SJ is rich in Military Honor, and had a chance to talk to a

few of our Vets on what Memorial Day means to them.

Thanks in advance guys and to our members,

please give them a shout out today.

Deb: When you look at a blue sky and see the American flag flapping in the breeze, what goes through your mind?

Reveryroadie: I get a feeling of pride knowing that for a period in my life I was willing to lay down my life to ensure that it would forever wave in the breeze.

MrTxstar: A great appreciation for all our fallen hero’s that made the ultimate sacrifice to keep that flag flying.

peace of mind that I was so fourtunate to be born in this country. A warm feeling runs through my heart to know we have brave people here to protect and serve us and a lump in mu throat for the ones that gave their lives so I may be free.

Jimmie: I get emotional at this time of year. I see the flow blowing in the wind against that crystal clear blue sky and I think of all of those that have lost their lives fighting for our freedom. So many faces and names. I only knew one personally. Bobby. He was my best friend. He died in my arms in Iraq in 1991. Bobby was the happy go lucky guy, always had a smile for everyone, and put a smile on everyones face. He was the kind of guy that would give you the shirt off his back. He was the all American boy.

Yesterday, I decided that I needed to clean out my garage. I have a footlocker full of military treasures. of course when I got to it, I had to open it up. I have Bobby’s Army jacket, his dueffel, and some other items of note. I have an Iraqi helmet and uniform that we picked up.

Every time I open that footlocker, them memories rush back. I can see his face, and hear his voice. It’s like hes right there. I’m taken back in time to when we used to hang out. We would go to the range and shoot all day long. Jump on our Motorcycles and ride for hours.

It all leads up to that day. The day Ill never forget. The day that my life changed.

What does Memorial Day meant to you?

Reveryroadie: I pause and remember all those who came before me, and those who still understand that serving your country is an honorable task.

MrTxstar: Acknowledgement that the shared sacrifice of our fallen heros, matters. Being a great nation didn’t just happen, it was fought for with blood, sweat, and tears. This, we should always remember.

Drover: A day to reflect and give silent prayers for the men and women whom gave their lives for our freedom. So many people really don’t know what their lives would be like if we had no freedom or rights .

brooks1957: I will NEVER forget the feeling of how the world seems to stop as you walk down the ramp to the Vietnam Memorial in Washington. My wife’s biological father passed away from colon cancer when she was only 5. He was a Navy veteran.

I just can’t get the image out of my head when we visited the memorial – a little girl in a sailor dress had a piece of paper and pencil against the wall, and she was etching her relative’s name on the paper. It was a very powerful and emotional moment for both my wife and me. I recommend to all here – if you haven’t been to the memorial in Washington yet, find the time to do it. The day we visited it, it was over 100°. By the time we got to the memorial, it was evening. Once we left, we made our way to the Lincoln Memorial. At the top of the steps, I turned and looked down the mall. The setting sun had bathed the Washington Monument in its blazing color. Then it hit me….hard. Looking at the Washington monument, I was overcome with emotion when I realized how much blood had been spilled over all the years for me and my family to enjoy the freedoms we do. A truly life changing moment.

Do we have our problems as a nation? Of course we do. But, it is still the greatest nation on the face of the earth. So to the families of all of our proud men and women who have paid the ultimate price serving this great nation – both at home and abroad —- please rest assured your loved one’s sacrifice was NOT in vain. And for those continuing to take on the challenge of service — We won’t forget your sacrifice. All I can offer is a heartfelt Thank you to all of you.

That’s what Memorial Day means to me.

What special soldier would you like us to remember this Memorial Day at SJ?

Reveryroadie: I really can’t just choose one, they are all special, each and every one of them

MrTxstar: Airman Jason Cunningham, Air Force pararescueman/medic, was killed in combat on Roberts Ridge, Afghanistan. He was 26 years old.

Drover: God bless all whom have fallen

Thanks guys for serving, for sharing.


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