Jun 11

Steelers Chronicle: Pittsburgh Steelers By The Numbers: 41- 60


It’s that time again! Steelers Chronicle is bringing you the best Pittsburgh Steelers of all time to wear numbers 41-60, in case you missed them you can check out 00-20 and 21-40 by clicking on their respective links. Remember, this is all fairly subjective, especially when comparing players that have played different positions, but wore the same number, so feel more than free to leave a comment, or drop an email to agree, disagree, tell me how much I suck and should have my keyboard broken over my head, etc.

#41 – Lee Flowers, Defensive Back (1995-2002)

Before Troy Polamalu was leading the Pittsburgh Steelers defense to greatness, a man named Lee Flowers was playing strong safety for the team, and doing it well, though his contributions pale in comparison to the 2011 NFL Defensive Player Of The Year. Flowers tackled well, but couldn’t seem to come up with the ball on more than the rare occasion.


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