Jul 10

Kate Upton’s New HOT Video Burning up the Internet

Last week, many sports blogs were talking about Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Kate Upton‘s staring contest video.

The SI swimsuit Rookie of the Year wins of course. Watch it here to see why. The old “hey I’m here, not here” bit has never been more true. Ever since the video of Upton doing her Dougie at a Clippers game surfaced, she’s becoming a darling of internet media. For an explanation look above. Upton is also known for sexy Twitter account, where she’s been known to post a few provocative photos.

Upton has 81,000+ followers of course

Here’s her new ad for Sobe, sequel to the staring contest entitled “That’s a Wrap.” The video is mostly about her hotness. That’s the plot, theme and synopsis.