Jul 22

The Learning Curve: Is Going Overseas Hurting the Players?

With Deron Williams officially signing a contract to play over in Turkey, Kobe looking for a million a month to join him, and multiple other players at least pretending to be considering going overseas, there is less talk about the NBA lockout and more about which players are going where. As an avid NBA follower I’ve been paying close attention and I can honestly say I’ve heard more about players attempting to find insurance for playing overseas then I’ve heard about what kind of progress Hunter and Stern have been making behind closed doors.

The optimist in me wants to believe it’s just the fact that there aren’t nearly as many leaks inside the meetings for the NBA as there have been for the NFL but I think what it boils down to is that basketball players have options while football players can’t really switch from league to league without it hurting their performance once they come back to the NFL. No matter the reason, it is very likely that Deron Williams and at least a few other stars will be suiting up overseas for at least a few games while they try and find a way to work out a new CBA.

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