Jul 24

Vinny Prospal: Fantasy Impacto?

VIDEO: Goal Vaclav Prospal (Capitals & Rangers) NHL April 17, 2011

So that was pretty much the last tally of Vinny Prospal as a New York Ranger. Now that he has signed a 1 year 1.75 million dollar deal with the Columbus Blue Jackets, the question has to be asked. What kind of fantasy impact can he make?

Here is the major red flag that we have honestly.

2011/02/03 Missed 53 games (right knee surgery).
2011/02/01 Right knee surgery, day-to-day.
2010/10/06 Right knee surgery, injured reserve.

Sorry but it rings true here. The knee injury that seemed only to be 6-8 weeks turned into nearly four months. At the age of 36, Prospal has another red flag and that of course would be his age. So combine the knee injury with the age and see why there is a little bit of trepidation here? Prospal already was heading a bit south to a point health wise but the knee may have cemented it according to some. That is why Columbus only had to pay as little as they did for a guy who does average just about a point a game when 100%.

Let’s take that dreaded look at his numbers to see if we can uncover anything else (thanks once again to Hockey Reference).

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