Nov 27

Reflections on the Minnesota Wild


The night was Saturday November the 19th, and one team that was given no real chance of being a contender in the off season predictions were on the verge of climbing to the very top of the NHL standings. This team hasn’t had much success throughout their 12 years in the NHL. Only having one division title and that pretty much sums up their awards as a franchise. This team I speak of is of course the Minnesota Wild.

With two questionably trades this off-season, giving up their all-star defensemen for two forwards (separate deals) who fared well in San Jose because of future Hall of Famer, Joe Thornton. However, with critics questioning their own thoughts regarding those trades roughly a quarter through the season, the Minnesota Wild is the number one team in the NHL. Yet, nobody seems to even notice. Heck, I doubt I would know they are number one if I wasn’t a fan. Their timing becoming the number one doesn’t bold well when you have the face of the league come back after 11 months the same week.

As a fan, I haven’t seen a game be more publicized for one player since Lemieux’s returned against the Leafs in 2000. Back on track, the Minnesota Wild is also leading the league with allowing less than two goals a game. Their great record of 12-5-3 is all done without a player breaking the twenty point mark, and no player with goals in double digits. Even TSN a very respectable website for hockey news ranks Minnesota Wild as the tenth best team in the league. Possibly due to their lack luster numbers on offense, ranking 26th in goals for? Quite possibly, as fans want a far more offensive game than a defensive game.

As a huge fan of the Wild, I find myself extremely happy with their efforts, as I’ve heard, offense gets you the jersey sales, but defense wins you the championships. All in all, finding the Wild as the best team in the league a quarter of the way through the season, I cannot be happier! Let’s just hope they can keep up their defensive ways, and keep winning those games!


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