Dec 28

Ward join exclusive list, Hurricanes try to put the breaks on Pittsburgh, and World Junior Championship updates


Ward joins a list of 10

Hurricanes goaltender Cam Ward may add December 26th 2011 too his list of days to remember. In the dying seconds of a 3 – 2 (at that point) game an errant pass by the New Jersey Devils sends the puck from the Hurricanes zone all the way down the ice settling into their own net. The kicker is that Cam Ward was the last Hurricanes player to touch the puck, by making a save, so he gets credited with a goal on his career stats.

Ward is now one of only 10 goaltenders to score a goal and joins a list that includes New Jersey Devils Martin Brodeur, Former New York Islander and Hockey Hall of Famer Billy Smith, Philadelphia’s great Ron Hextall, and long time Detroit Red Wings (and potential future Hall of Famer)  Chris Osgood. To view the rest of the list (including when they scored their goal) check out the following link.