Mar 01

One heartbeat…One town…One love

life-chardon(Editor’s Note: Debra Dudinsky is co-owner of SportsJabber.net and a native of Chardon, Ohio, the scene of the tragic school shooting of February 27. Here, she talks about the experience, and what her hometown means to her.)

One heartbeat…One town…One love

It’s a phrase I have been hearing since Monday. Not from the media or the newspapers. From the breaking hearts of the students of Chardon High School. Past and Present.

I have been trying to put this into words since Monday. Most of my closest friends will tell you I still can’t talk about it without breaking down and just going quiet. It’s been a whirlwind. It’s almost impossible to fathom. Lots of words have come to mind lately. Tragedy. Senselessness. Fear. Grief. But one that sticks with me the most came from my younger sister. Surreal.


To understand that I think you have to understand what was. What is. And what what will be.

What was.

What kind of town was Chardon? It was the kind of town that fought Wal-mart for almost ten years and other big businesses because they loved their home spun atmosphere. It’s a town that has a courthouse at the center of almost a quaint Victorian village with park benches upon bricks. It’s the kind of town where Friday nights are spent at Chardon Memorial Football Field.


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