Apr 06

Wonderlic may not accommodate with accommodations | NFL Draft News Update


The Combine President has come out and said that they make accommodations for players with learning disabilities if it is found it is needed for the test. This comes up after it was pointed out that Morris Claybourne scored a four on the test, and the media noted he has a learning disability. Pro Football Talk reports that if it is determined that the player had previously had accommodations, they will allow them to take the 12 minute test without a time-limit. This is an example of how accommodations may not be the correct accommodations. Prior to the Combine President’s addressing of the issue, in discussion on the subject at SportsJabber.net, I noted…

A student that has a learning disability will have accommodations made and differentiated work (not to be read as “easier”) if needed where they can still have access to the same “ideas” and “knowledge” as students without disabilities. Of course this would depend on the disability. If it was, for example, a developmental reading disorder, I’m guessing the Wonderlic would not have these accommodations, therefore is only a gauge of the answers of the questions but not an accurate gauge of understanding.


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