Apr 09

NFL Revamps Official NFL Draft Site

The NFL, who never really seems to rush into anything on the technology side, has revamped their NFL Draft site. Last season we noted how long it took them to update to the 2011 draft.* This season they did it earlier, but the content was spread out and found at random.* Just a few weeks out from the draft it is looking like a place where NFL fans may really spend some time leading up to the event. We mentioned recently how they seem to have finally embraced the popularity of mock drafts this season. They are now maximizing the news, history, video content and the resources that they have in Mike Mayock and Gil Brandt.* Also included is the Fan Warooms and Live staging area where you can view online when it comes time (little good for now).

Welcome the NFL to the show and have a look at their 2012 NFL Draft page.


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