Apr 10

SPORTSTATER: Manning to Broncos: What Did It Really Mean?


When the Denver Broncos won the Peyton Manning extravaganza, I let it sink in for a couple weeks to read between the lines as to why the Broncos went all out to get the future Hall of Famer. Then the immediate trading away of Bronco Fan favorite Tim Tebow to the New York Jets. Sure, it means great publicity and a level of optimism in Denver that the Broncos haven’t enjoyed since John Elway’s last season behind center, 14 years ago.

First, lets look at Manning, he was everything to that Colts franchise since that same season Elway last played in. He is without a doubt going to be a first ballot Hall of Fame selection 5 years after he decides to hang them up for good. The neck injury is supposedly behind him and I for one hope so. Reports are that his arm is regaining strength and there are no risks to worry about. The Broncos are gambling their short term hopes that Manning can have at least 2 or 3 really good years and get them back in the Super Bowl Spotlight.


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