Apr 11

Ariza: We cannot have a bad camp and Pacquiao needs to focus

arizaAlex Ariza, strength and conditioning coach for Manny Pacquiao the current WBO welterweight champion, has indicated Pacquiao’s lack of interest to train due to a bunch of controversial issues he is in right now. According to Alex, Pacquiao is taking the risk of not being up to the mark.

In his recent interview, Ariza said, “We can’t have a bad camp. His physical conditioning is very important. This must happen all the way. He’s [Bradley] a high-volume puncher who’ll come forward. Bradley’s not a technical guy like [Juan Manuel] Marquez. He fights somewhat like Manny. That’s why I think it’ll be an explosive fight. It’s up to Manny how to prepare for Bradley. And against Bradley, he wants to prove something. His competitive spirit will take over. How he trains will impact on how he does against Bradley. If he trains properly, Manny could blow that guy away in less than five rounds.”


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