Apr 13

Exclusive: Craig Counsell Interview with Brian Geraghty


Craig Counsell Spent 15 years in the League on 5 different teams. Counsell was both the highest-rated 2nd baseman and the highest-rated 3rd baseman over the period from 2002 to 2008. He has the distinction of having been on base for the last two times that the World Series ended in a walk-off hit, and was the NLCS MVP in 2001. Besides all of that, a guy that spent his off seasons coaching middle school basketball. Enjoy this special, rare interview with Brian and Craig.~~deb

Geraghty: Were there any other sports that you played growing up that were a real passion for you? Or was baseball always the clear favorite over the other sports?

Counsell: Baseball was always definitely number one. My dad played baseball and worked in the Milwaukee Brewers front office, so I kind of grew up in a baseball family. So baseball was definitely number one for sure.

Geraghty: Along the same lines, in more of a developed sense, was it always a goal you had to play professionally? Or was there something else you wanted to do growing up?

Counsell: I was like a lot of little kids, growing up I always loved to play the game of baseball. I think I had a dream to play in the big leagues always. I just kept playing and nobody ever told me that I couldn’t keep going with it, so I think that’s kind of how it happened that I ended up playing in the MLB. I dreamed of doing it, but I don’t know that I thought it was realistic. It was basically, that no one told me I couldn’t play anymore, so I kind of just kept playing.