Apr 20

Jeff Pearlman: The Quaz Q&A: Jim Abbott


Jim Abbott was, by all statistical measures, a mediocre Major League pitcher. Over 10 seasons, his lifetime record was 87-108. He had but five .500-plus runs and, besides a fantastic 18-11 finish in 1991, never totaled more than 12 wins. Although his lifetime ERA of 4.25 is digestible, it’s hardly Gooden-esque.

And yet …

There’s something about a man, standing atop a big league mound, armed with but a single hand. That Abbott (an Olympian, a first-round pick, a thrower of a no-hitter) accomplished so much as a lefty (and only a lefty) is remarkable. That he accomplished so much as a lefty (and only a lefty) with poise and grace and humility is beyond remarkable. It’s noteworthy.


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