Apr 28

Floyd Mayweather – Plunged in arrogance or is he really the one? – Boxing Special


Floyd Mayweather Jr. – a name that defines the world of boxing today – has remained unbeaten to date. He has stepped in the ring 42 times and has won every time. He currently holds the WBC welterweight title and is the most revenue generating boxing superstar today. With all these accomplishments, no one can deny the fact that indeed Floyd Mayweather has done it all. However, does all of this give him the right to throw off his weight around and trash-talk about other greats such as Manny Pacquiao, Amir Khan and the like? Probably not, but that is how great boxers have made them in history.

Before Floyd, there was Muhammad Ali ‘The Greatest’, who was known for having a ‘big mouth’. Back in those days, Ali was criticized for trash talking against some of the most reputable fighters such as Joe Frazier and George Foreman. However, Ali absorbed all that criticism because he knew that somewhere along the lines controversies would bring him fame. Eventually, it did happen and Ali became the Greatest of all times


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