May 11

Cries from the Crowd: Who should the Knicks keep in the offseason?

Well, now that the Knicks have finished another disappointing season it’s time to look towards the future with them. They have three huge contracts with Carmelo, Amare and Tyson Chandler locked up for a while but they still do have some key free agents this offseason. They are still a team that clearly needs some more help, and this free agency could be very important.

The Knicks have two free agents at the point guard this offseason in Jeremy Lin and Baron Davis. Obviously we all know that Lin is coming back after his Linderella season(the puns will never stop). Unlike some of the journalists and sports talking heads though, I’m not completley sold on Jeremy Lin yet. I’m 99% sure he’s coming back though and my opinion on his return rides on how much money they give him. Hopefully the Knicks don’t do the thing we all know the Knicks for doing, which would be overpaying. Baron Davis, on the other hand, I wouldn’t expect to come back. He’s getting real old and battled injuries. The Knicks tried the Baron Davis experiment and it didn’t work out really, so I wouldn’t bring him back if I were the Knicks. Also, they may need room for a Nash-Lin point guard combo which is unlikely but has been hinted at by Amare.


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