Aug 17

Unlike Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys Fans “Realize” Last Super Bowl Was 18 Seasons Ago

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones denies a lot of things, regardless of their rhetorical or factual truth. No one knows whether he truly believes his team can win a Super Bowl every year or if it’s just part of his billion-dollar marketing scheme. If he doesn’t believe it, he hides it well with gimmicks like passing out tickets to the NFC Championship game to his players on the field before their divisional playoff loss to the New York Giants five years ago.

What Jones doesn’t understand is the pain, agony and embarrassment Cowboys fans have gone through over the better part of the lsat two decades. Even though his team isn’t winning, he still gets to play with his $1.85 billion toy every day despite the hatred steaming from the Dallas faithful.

Indeed, the 2012 NFL season will the 18th since the Cowboys last played in a Super Bowl. That’s a very long time for a franchise known as “America’s Team” and one that insists it’s an annual title contender when that’s just not true.