Oct 16

Rant Sports: 20 Best NFL Players Never to Win a Super Bowl

In every level of sports, there are at least a handful (and most of time, several) players who were among the best of their class but never won a title. Throughout the NFL’s almost 100-year history, there have been countless players who never won a championship, the bulk of which played their entire careers before the first Super Bowl in 1967.

Even since then, quite a few elite players, including many Hall of Famers, have put together some outstanding careers, but were never able to hoist the Lombardi Trophy. The folks here at RantSports.com have compiled a list of 20 such players. This list does not include players who are still active for the 2012 season, but does include one who hasn’t officially retired.
Take all of that with a grain of salt as you view the 20 best NFL players who never won a Super Bowl:

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