Oct 22

TSTOS: The Falcons are Quietly Undefeated and Tom Brady Isn’t Clutch!

Nobody’s talking about the Atlanta Falcons except fans. And maybe a few outliers.

The Falcons are 6-0. Four of those wins have come against the AFC West. The two others against Carolina and Washington.

The critics are saying, “Boo! Bah! Humbug! The Falcons have barely won a few of those games, and they were against rather weak opponents!” What’s the difference between a close win and a blowout win? They are both wins. What, statements? Win the game. That’s all that matter. Close or by 17+. “But they haven’t faced any worthy opponents!” is yet another common phrase. Oh, yeah? Semantics, shablantics — they are undefeated and standing tall. The offense is as crisp, smooth and more well-run than it’s ever been, and their defense is leaps and bounds better than years past.


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