Nov 19

The Sports Bank’s 1st Annual Hottest Female News Anchors

As the National Hockey League (NHL) lockout continues to drag on, I am at a dearth of subject matter to cover – BTW, thanks for nothing OSU Football Gestapo (AKA OSU Football SID)! – I have now reduced myself to covering fluff pieces for The Sports Bank.* Please note:* I’m not really complaining – this IS journalism!

That being said, we at TSB have decided to venture into our list of the hottest female news anchors.* While this list is generally one person’s opinion, having been married to one of the great ‘Tractor Beam’s of Hotness’ for over 23 years, I like to consider myself one of the true connoisseurs of the female form, so this is as much expertise as you’re going to get from a freelance writer.

Here is our list of the Top 10 Hottest Female News Anchors (in reverse order):