Nov 20

Fan Rant New England Style

One of the great benefits of working at Rant Sports is our Fan Rants. This is where we travel to different cities and interact with fans. Last weekend, we had the opportunity to travel to Boston and see the New England Patriots take on the Indianapolis Colts.We ask fans about the game. It leads to some fun and interesting moments. My favorite moment of the day was the Marine we met that was attending his first Patriots game in 25 years. When he retired from active duty, he asked the Patriots if they could fly a flagin his honor at the stadium. Of course, the team honored this great American hero.
Patriots fans aren’t as rowdy as other fans we’ve encountered. At MetLife Stadium a few weeks earlier, the New York Giants fans were fired up. They’ll let you know what they’re thinking whether you want to hear it or not. On the other hand, Patriots fans are a very calm and confident bunch. While there was the occasional off-the-wall fan, they were quite pleasant for the most part.

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