Nov 26

Unruly New York Jets Fans Even Managing to Run Off “Fireman Ed”

As a New Jersey born Georgian, I have my share of clashes of culture here in the south’s empire state. The most common occurrence is when I’m out at a local pub or sports bar, and find myself screaming the “J-E-T-S, JETS JETS JETS!” cheer along with New York Jets head cheerleader-in-the-stands, Fireman Ed.
Now it appears that I won’t have the most famous Jets fan of all to lean on as an explanation when questioned about my sanity.
Ed Anzalone–known better as Fireman Ed–walked out on the Jets during their Thanksgiving day annihilation by the New England Patriots. No, it wasn’t because the Jets are so hapless this season. Anzalone has seen worse teams come and go. His reason for leaving the game, and the personae of Fireman Ed for good, is much more troubling.

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