Nov 28

Kate Marshall reflects on her breakout LFL Canada season

While Stephanie Manou emerged as a breakout star on offense for the Lingerie Bowl champion BC Angels, there is no question that Katie Marshall was their star on defense. As a multi-sport star athlete in high school, her remarkable season for the Angels resulted in Marshall leading all players in LFL Canada in sacks while being named Defensive Player of the Year.

“Having played a number of sports in high school, I believe that has taught me the skill to easily adapt to all sports. Each sport though different, requires a lot of the same skills; intelligence, speed, agility, athletic instinct, motivation and passion. I believe these skills directly contributed to the success I had with the Angels.” Marshall continued, “Coach K coins me as a ‘utility player’ due to my athletic instincts, and I have bounced around at corner, receiver and most recently, middle linebacker.”

As Marshall recorded a superlative season with the Angels, Jessica Hopkins, a US import from the Seattle Mist helped to provide guidance. “J-Hop was a huge mentor to me this season on both offense and defense. On defense, I studied the success she had at middle linebacker and learned lessons about this position. I had huge success at this position including a few sacks and some big goal line stops.” Hopkins would lead all players in LFL Canada in tackles with 27. Marshall added, “Her intensity and dedication to the game had a positive influence on my gameplay and activities off the field.”


LFL360.com, Mark Staffieri

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