Dec 08

Jeff Pearlman: Doing it the Wright way — By Jay McQuade

Here at jeffpearlman.com we enjoy allowing others writers to flex their muscles. Today Jay McQuade, a journalism student at the University of Florida, explains why David Wright means so much to Met fans. One can*follow Jay on Twitter here.
The New York Mets are the most painful team to be a fan of in baseball. The Chicago Cubs, another unsuccessful franchise, for years have been called “the lovable losers.” The Mets are losers, but they’re just not lovable. Everyone hates them because they’re from New York, and everyone hates them because they’re unsuccessful. That’s what makes it so agonizing to be associated with this team. Now, knowing this, who the hell would want to play the rest of their career for the New York Mets?

David Wright would.


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