Dec 08

LFL: New South Wales Surge: Setting the pace

We Aussies love nothing more on the weekend than firing up the barbie while drinking a stubby and going to the footy to watch a fair dinkum game after the players have put in the hard yakka on the training field.

It is the Australian way of life. Work hard during the week and enjoy the sport on the weekend. It is what we do, and we do it well.

Every kid grows up watching the cricket, league, football and Aussie rules. We all support a team in each code, and we defend them to the hilt when it comes to arguing which team is better than the other. Next year a new one will be entering the sporting domain in Australia…

The Lingerie Football League will be hitting our shores after the great success it has had for many years in America as well as the recent move into Canada. The league will kick off with teams based in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia. Each squad is now going through their paces as they ready themselves for the inaugural season next year.


LFL360.com, Michael McGill

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