Dec 08

The 50 worst own-goals in hockey: Puck Daddy counts down Nos. 10-1

We wrap up this week-long tour of hockey’s greatest own-goals with entries from all over: the KHL, the NCAA, the Swiss National League B, an IIHF tournament and, of course, NHL action stretching back over decades.

If there’s one thing that this list — and especially this final batch of 10 makes perfectly clear — it’s that hockey is alive and well all over the world. And if there’s a second thing, it’s that at no point in a player’s career does he become incapable of self-victimization. Like I said, the game of hockey is alive, and sometimes it turns on you like an angry animal.

These 10 guys can attest to this better than anybody.

10 | Jaroslav Halak, St. Louis Blues
50-41 (Monday, December 3)

40-31 (Tuesday, December 4)

30 – 21 (Wednesday, December 5)

20 – 11 (Thursday, December 6)

10 – 1 (Friday, December 7)