Dec 10

Tony Romo – ‘We Are Ball Players…’

… And Jerry(Brown) and Josh(Brent) were ball players. We do what we know how to do and on Sunday we know how to play football. We do so today with our teammates and their families on our minds and in our hearts’

FOX sideline reporter, Laura Okmin, said QB, Tony Romo, told her that before his Dallas Cowboys played the Cincinnati Bengals when she asked him how the Cowboys were going to play this game while dealing with the tragic, fatal, car accident the day before. That accident took the life of Cowboys practice squad LB, Jerry Brown Jr and left the driver – Jerry’s good friend and Cowboys teammate, NT Josh Brent, under arrest for intoxication manslaughter. (An unimaginable tragedy and my thoughts and prayers go out to Jerry Brown Jr’s family and, also to Josh Brent and his family.)