Dec 28

Jeff Pearlman: The Debate: Fire Rex Ryan vs. Keep Rex Ryan

I remember being in college and desperately wanting a chance to write somewhere … anywhere. Generally, that led to frustration.

Hence, I decided to invite college journalists here to debate me on random subjects. I’ll run these from time to time, when I’m feeling particularly funky. Today, Vince Pitrone, an excellent University of Pittsburgh at Bradford student, and I debate whether Rex Ryan should remain as the Jets coach ….

Vince Pitrone on Firing Rex Ryan

Rex Ryan has failed the Jets team and the Jets fan base the past two seasons, and should be fired.

After reaching the AFC title game two years in a row, Rex and the Jets have underachieved the past two seasons and are becoming the laughing stock of the league—and it all comes down to Rex and his coaching staff not doing a good job coaching a team with enough talent to be better than it is.

The Jets’ offense has been stagnant, at best. In my opinion, no one really knows what is going on, and as head coach, Rex is to blame. He even looks lost sometimes. This was never more obvious than during the game against the Patriots, when Mark Sanchez ran into the butt of his own lineman and fumbled the ball. It was then picked up by the Patriots, and returned it for a touchdown (on a play that Tim Tebow should have been running). By the way, the constant switching of quarterbacks and use of the wildly unsuccessful “Wildcat” throughout the course of season definitely hasn’t helped the Jets either.


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