Dec 29

Cowboys-Redskins: What Can I Say?

I used to have a mentor named “The Soothsayer.” He had an incredible story about his Cowboys-Redskins experience. It was Week 3 2000, and the 0-2 Cowboys went into Washington to take on the 1-1 Redskins on Monday Night Football. The Redskins were supposed to roll over the Aikman-less Cowboys, who only had Randall Cunningham to replace him. There was great consternation for Dallas fans before the game. My mentor and his father and brother stayed at the team hotel in Washington, and ol’ Sooth managed to shake hands with everyone from Dave Campo to Joe Avezzano to Mickey Spagnola and Sooth told them the same thing:

“Cowboys and Indians.”

That was the explanation for why the Cowboys would prevail, and they did to the tune of 27-21 in an improbable win. That’s the theme for this Sunday night.