Dec 31

TSTOS: The Chargers Fire Norv Turner… Three Years Too Late!

If you are physically and/or mentally unhealthy and you don’t care enough to rectify the situation or at least attempt to mitigate your plight(s), I don’t care either. If you are my friend, I will love you to death and will let my loyalty be known to you via my actions, but if you don’t care about doing something that will improve yourself in every way possible with only benefits coming from this said hypothetical scenario, then I don’t care either. Obese, hypertensive, borderline diabetic with a fatty liver, failing pancreas & a life that’s going to shit because it’s a pain to move… and you don’t care? It’s difficult for me to care either, to put in the energy to care about somebody who doesn’t give a damn about themselves.

The above, sirs and mams, is how I see the San Diego Chargers organization.


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