Jan 04

Andy Reid’s Deal With Kansas City Chiefs is a Lateral Move

Andy Reid has “reportedly” been more places than physically possible over the past week. First, everyone was so sure he was going to sign with the Arizona Cardinals. In fact, some reports guaranteed he would hold a press conference in the desert on Friday. Well, Reid actually never even went to Arizona as he cancelled his meeting with the Cardinals and one he had scheduled with the San Diego Chargers. Now there’s actually been a verbal agreement: Reid has agreed a five-year deal to coach the Kansas City Chiefs.

This is a lateral move by Reid if he’s ever made one. The Chiefs have some talent on their roster, but not nearly enough to contend for a Super Bowl anytime soon. The biggest problem? They don’t have a quarterback and don’t mention that No. 1 overall pick, either. Who are they going to take? There’s no Andrew Luck in the 2013 NFL Draft.

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