Jan 23

“The Stack” 1-23-13

After a day off, The Stack is back and there are a few items in the news from yesterday which top the rest so let’s get right to it and see what made “the stack” for today, Wednesday, January 23:

Sean Payton re-instated

Roger Goodell truly is a smart man. The commissioner re-instated Sean Payton into the NFL as New Orleans Saints head coach a week before he goes to New Orleans for Super Bowl festivities. Goodell and Payton met Monday, a meeting Goodell called “very productive.” Payton returns to New Orleans now, free of any distraction and talk of him going to the Dallas Cowboys. He’s ready to get back to work and make New Orleans a playoff team once again. The defense needs a lot of work and Drew Brees clearly wasn’t the same without Payton. Payton knows what he did in letting defensive coordinator Gregg Williams (still not re-instated) run his bounty program was wrong and it cost the Saints dearly this season.


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