Jan 27

LeBron James bear hugs a fan that hit a half-court shot worth $75,000 (VIDEO)

Away from the cameras, NBA players hit half court shots all the time. They try them in practice, sometimes on a coach’s dare to try and end practice with a miraculous 47-footer, and they’re often successful. In public, though? With 20,000 fans watching and other stakes on the line? The shots don’t fall too often. Especially when you shoot them hook-style, instead of the typical two-handed approach.

The Miami Heat were up 84-68 entering the fourth quarter when one fan tried the rolling hook approach to nailing a half-court shot. The prize for sinking it was $75,000. What Michael Drysch didn’t know, should he stick the 47-footer, was that he’d get something more memorable than cash if his bomb went in: