Jan 28

From the Eyes of a Giants Fan: 2013 NFL Pro Bowl

I usually do not watch the Pro Bowl but this year I did because my seven year old son wanted to watch it together because he knew Eli Manning and his favorite player, Victor Cruz was in the game so by right we had to watch! Well I was happy that we did watch it because the Giants did their thing and I was proud of them.

1.Eli Manning: 16/23 for 191 yards and 2 touchdowns

2.Victor Cruz: 10 catches for 96 yards and 1 touchdown

3.Jason Pierre-Paul: 1 sack and 1 INT

4.Chris Snee: Great pass protection all night!

Needless to say my son was beyond thrilled when Manning and Cruz connected for a touchdown, and he was even jumping up and down when JPP sacked Payton Manning for 12 yards. He missed the interception by JPP, too late as he went to bed for school today but what a game! My favorite moment of the game was when Saturday lined up as center for the AFC to snap the ball one last time to QB-Payton Manning, I thought that was a class act to allow that and that moment those two had afterwards was really heart warming. The NFC won the game 62-35 and set a Pro Bowl record for points scored beating the AFC’s record set last year of 59 points. So now we prepare for Super Bowl XLVII and being a NFC type of guy I’m sticking with the 49ers to win the Super Bowl 17-13 over the Baltimore Ravens next Sunday and I can’t wait!



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