Feb 01

Coming Soon: The Best New Books Are Old

SJ is entering into a partnership with, Madwell, a creative marketing agency. They’ve just published the Liberty Digital Collection on Amazon.com – ebooks collecting the best of Liberty Magazine, 1924 to 1950. They thought we’d be interested in two of the ebooks specifically: Liberty on Baseball and Liberty on Boxing.

From Cat Erwin, their marketing strategist

The baseball ebook features first-person essays from Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, Lou Gehrig and more, while the boxing ebook features stories by Joe Louis, Jack Dempsey and Max Schmeling. These stories haven’t seen the light of day for over 60 years.

Notableessays include “How It Feels to Be a Has-Been,” where Ruth admits that he’s more proud of his pitching than any of his home runs, “How Much Is a Ballplayer Worth?” where DiMaggio gives an inside look at salary negotiations, and a pair of essays by Louis and Schmeling – “How I Shall Beat Joe Louis Where All Others Failed,” and “How I Shall Beat Max Schmeling.”

I have two e-books to review, I will be sharing some parts with their permission and also giving you a glimpse into the man behind the project, Bob Whiteman, the owner of the Liberty Archives for the past 40+ years (his enthusiasm for and knowledge about these articles is infectious!)

Be a perfect time with Spring Training around the corner to brush up on the past and a little bit of Baseball Americana by the players themselves.

This site is so broad on interests I am sure the other books in the series as well will interest all and like I said this is a work in progress but really excited to bring you something original to SJ and our members. Something different from the norm and the story of the day on yahoo. Forget Lance Armstrong, AROD. Let’s here what Babe Ruth had to say.

So keep a look out…more to come….



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