Feb 02

30 Super Bowl fun facts

Are you the one at the party who knows it all? Well here’s 30 Super Bowl fun factsthat you may not have known to impress your friends Super Sunday!

  1. The Packers won the first two Super Bowls, defeating the Chiefs and Raiders following the 1966 and 1967 season
  2. A Super Bowl host city can bring in over $150 million including money spent by fans, sponsors, media, and visitors.
  3. The average number of people at a Super Bowl party is 17.
  4. Only five percent of viewers will watch the game alone – while one out of every 12 people watching are just watching to see the commercials.
  5. The Steelers have won six Super Bowls, the most of any team.
  6. Fans eat over 1.23 billion chicken wings on Super Bowl Sunday which adds up to more than 100 million pounds of chicken.
  7. In the last 20 years, 17 Super Bowls have been won by the team that resides from the city with the lower unemployment rate. (Ravens 7.2 – 49ers 8.2). If you believe in stats like these, you may want to get your football betting in soon.
  8. The average Super Bowl watcher will consume around 1,200 calories while snacking.


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