Feb 03

Super Time for the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl could not come at a better time for the NFL. This past week we have seen attacks on the NFL from all sides, from the President of the United States, to the media, to the very players that will be playing in the showcase game Sunday evening. I know this is supposed to be a Dallas Cowboys blog space, but this weekend is a time for all but two teams to put localized biases on hold and celebrate the game that we all love and just be football fans for one last Sunday before we go back to the situations involving our own teams. In a time that is supposed to be celebrating our nation’s most popular sport, it seems this week the most important news stories were trying to take down the popularity of football and drag it into the mud. This week attacks on the safety of the players, use of performance enhancing drugs and the plight of homosexual athletes were all thrust into the forefront of the coverage of the NFL. It is time for the NFL to stand up to its criticisms and give us an undeniable statement of why this game is so great. There is no better stage to make that statement than the Super Bowl on Sunday night.